Dermacool 1% Menthol Aqueous Cream Tub - 500g

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Dermacool 1% Menthol Aqueous Cream Tub - 500g
  • Dermacool 1% Menthol Aqueous Cream Tub - 500g

Dermacool 1% Menthol Aqueous Cream Tub - 500g

Out of stock

Dermacool 1% Menthol Aqueous Cream Tub - 500g

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What is Dermacool 1% Menthol Aqueous Cream

Dermacool 1% Menthol Aqueous Cream is a skin treatment that relieves many skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis, insect bites, and psoriasis. It can also be used for prickly heat and sunburn. The Cream contains menthol, which helps to cool and soothe the skin, and it also restores the moisture that has been lost in the skin.

The menthol in Aqueous Cream can also be used on dry, itchy, irritated skin. The menthol in Aqueous Cream can be used continually alongside other medications and is sodium lauryl sulfate free. The menthol within Dermacool triggers the cold receptors in the skin to provide a cooling and soothing relief. It also works to restore natural moisture levels in the skin to prevent it from becoming dehydrated and dry.

What is dry skin

Dry skin is a prevalent condition that can appear at any age. It usually doesn’t present a serious problem but can often be associated with other medical conditions such as eczema, contact dermatitis, and psoriasis.

What causes dry skin

The skin comprises many layers and forms a natural barrier to protect our body from the outside environment. To help protect the outer layer of the skin from losing water, the skin produces an oily substance called sebum. If the skin doesn’t have enough sebum, it loses moisture and feels dry.

Common causes of dry skin:

  • Excessive bathing or showering, scrubbing of the skin while washing, or harsh soaps that dissolve the protective layer of sebum.
  •  Environmental conditions that increase water loss, such as very hot, dry weather or central heating. Frequent exposure to wind and sun can evaporate water from the skin, making the surface feel itchy and dry. 
  • Decreased production of sebum, and this is often a factor in the elderly. 

What is itchy skin

Itchy skin is not usually a sign of anything serious, and you can often treat it yourself, which will usually go away after a few weeks. Sometimes the itching is caused by dry skin, cracked or irritated skin, Eczema and Psoriasis. You can do simple things to help ease the itching, which may also help stop itchy skin from returning and avoid skin damage from scratching.


  • Pat or tap your skin instead of scratching it
  • Hold something cool on your skin, like a damp towel
  • Have cool or warm baths or showers
  • Use an unperfumed moisturiser or emollient regularly
  • Keep your nails clean, short and smooth
  • Wear loose cotton clothing
  • Use a laundry liquid or powder that’s for sensitive skin


  • Do not wear tight clothes or clothes made from wool or synthetic fabrics
  • Do not spend a long time in the bath or shower
  • Do not use scented soaps, deodorants, or moisturisers
  • Itchy skin has many possible causes. If you have other symptoms (such as a rash or swelling), this might help to find the cause

How to use Dermacool 1% Menthol Aqueous Cream

Apply a thin layer and massage thoroughly into the affected areas of the skin.

Apply as often as necessary.

What does Dermacool 1% Menthol Aqueous Cream Contain

Aqua (Water), Petrolatum, Cetearyl Alcohol, Paraffinum Liquidum, Menthol, Ceteareth-20, Phenoxyethanol.

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