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Frequently Asked Questions
LexisNexis Identity Verification Check
Pharmacy Item Questionnaire

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of health and beauty products do AYP Healthcare offer?

    AYP Healthcare offers a wide range of health and beauty products, including skincare items, hair care products, oral care, personal care items, vitamins and supplements.How can I purchase products from AYP Healthcare?

  • How can I purchase products from AYP Healthcare?

    You can easily purchase our products through our online platform. Simply browse our selection, add items to your cart, and proceed to checkout.

  • Do you offer international shipping?

    Yes, we ship our products globally. Please have a look at our shipping and delivery policy for more details.

  • How can I track my order?

    After placing an order, you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number. You can use this number to track your order on our website.

  • What is your return policy?

    We offer a 90-day return policy on unopened items. Please have a look at our return policy for more detailed information.

  • Are your products cruelty-free and environmentally friendly?

    We pride ourselves on stocking products that align with our ethical standards. Many of our products are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.

  • Can I subscribe for regular delivery of my favourite products?

    We offer a subscription service for regular deliveries of your favourite products.

  • How can I contact AYP Healthcare for further inquiries?

    You can reach us via our Contact Us page. We want you to know that we aim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

  • How often do you add new products to your range?

    We frequently update our product range to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the health and beauty industry.

  • Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

    We offer a variety of products tailored for different skin types, including sensitive skin. However, we recommend that you read the product description and ingredients list before purchase.

  • Are your health and beauty products safe to use during pregnancy?

    Many of our products are safe during pregnancy, but we recommend consulting your healthcare professional before starting any new product.

  • Can I change or cancel my order once it has been placed?

    You can amend or cancel your order shortly after placing it. Please review our cancellation policy or contact our customer service for immediate assistance.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept various payment methods, including Visa Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Mastercard and American Express.

  • Are the products sold by AYP Healthcare genuine?

    All products AYP Healthcare sells are sourced directly from reputable manufacturers or authorised distributors.

  • How can I learn about the latest deals and product launches?

    You can stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on our social media platforms.

  • Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

    We occasionally offer discounts on bulk orders. Please contact our customer service for more information.

  • Do I need an account to order from AYP Healthcare?

    No, you can purchase as a guest. However, creating an account allows for faster checkouts and order tracking.

  • How do I know if a product is out of stock?

    Product availability is shown on each product page. If an item is out of stock, this will be indicated.

  • Can I leave a review for a product I purchased?

    Yes, we encourage our customers to leave reviews. Your feedback helps us improve and provides valuable information for other customers.

  • What do I do if I have a problem with a product I purchased?

    If you experience any issues with a product, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team, who will be happy to assist you.

LexisNexis Identity Verification Check

  • What is LexisNexis?

    LexisNexis is a leading global legal, regulatory, and business information and analytics provider. They offer identity verification services that help organisations ensure the genuineness of individuals.

  • Why does AYP Healthcare use LexisNexis for identity verification?

    To ensure the security and integrity of transactions, AYP Healthcare utilises LexisNexis to safeguard customers and prevent unauthorised or fraudulent purchases of pharmacy medicines.

  • How does LexisNexis verify my identity?

    LexisNexis utilises a mix of public records, proprietary data, and advanced analytics to verify an individual's identity, ensuring that the person is genuinely who they claim to be.

  • Is my personal information safe with LexisNexis?

    Yes, LexisNexis adheres to stringent data protection standards and regulations, ensuring your details remain confidential and secure.

  • Do I need to provide additional documents for identity verification?

    In most instances, LexisNexis can verify identities using the data they hold. However, on some occasions, further documentation might be requested to confirm one's identity.

  • What happens if my identity can't be verified?

    If LexisNexis cannot confirm your identity, you might be asked to provide more information or documents. Failure to verify may restrict you from purchasing certain medicines from AYP Healthcare.

  • How long does the identity verification process take?

    The process is typically immediate. However, manual review might take a tad longer in situations where it is necessary.

  • Does every customer undergo identity verification?

    For the safety and security of transactions, most customers might be subject to identity verification, especially when buying prescription medicines or other controlled substances.

  • Will my personal data be shared with third parties?

    No, AYP Healthcare and LexisNexis maintain strict privacy protocols. Personal data is solely used for identity verification and isn't sold or passed on to unauthorised third parties.

  • Can I opt-out of the identity verification process?

    Opting out may curtail your ability to buy certain medicines or services from AYP Healthcare. It's crucial to verify the buyer and seller's safety and security.

Pharmacy Item Questionnaire

  • Why do I need to fill out a questionnaire for certain pharmacy items?

    The questionnaire ensures that your pharmacy item is suitable for your health condition. It helps to identify any potential risks or contraindications for your safety.

  • Is my personal health information kept private and confidential?

    Your health information is handled with the utmost discretion. AYP Healthcare follows stringent data protection protocols to secure your personal details.

  • Who reviews the answers I provide in the questionnaire?

    GPhC Licensed pharmacists or qualified healthcare professionals review your answers to ensure the product you're buying is right for you.

  • What should I do if I'm uncertain about an answer to a question on the questionnaire?

    If you're unsure about any query, it's advisable to consult with your GP or healthcare professional. Providing accurate information is vital for your well-being.

  • How long will it take to receive approval after completing the questionnaire?

    Generally, the review process is quick. However, the precise duration might fluctuate based on the product and the number of queries.

  • What if the item turns out to be unsuitable for me?

    Should the pharmacy item be determined unsuitable from your questionnaire responses, you will be notified and may be offered an alternative suggestion or guidance to see your GP.

  • Do I have to complete the questionnaire every time I order the same product?

    Not necessarily. If you've filled in the questionnaire previously for a particular product and there's no change in your health status, you might not need to fill it out again. Nonetheless, regular checks might be conducted to assure your continuous safety.

  • Is every customer required to fill in the questionnaire?

    Only for specific items that pose potential risks or interactions. Not every pharmacy item will necessitate completing the questionnaire.

  • Can I request a refund if my order isn't approved due to the questionnaire's outcome?

    Your health and safety is our main priority. If a product is deemed unsuitable for you, AYP Healthcare will issue a refund for the items which are not suitable. Do review our terms and conditions for comprehensive details.

  • What steps should I take if I encounter side effects or problems post using the pharmacy item?

    If any adverse reactions are experienced, cease usage promptly and seek advice from your healthcare professional. Additionally, you can contact AYP Healthcare for further support or to raise any concerns. You may also report any side effects to the MHRA Yellow Card reporting site, which is set up to make medicines and medical devices safer.