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Breathe Right Snoring Congestion Relief Nasal Strips - 30 Large Strips

Breathe Right Snoring Congestion Relief Nasal Strips - 30 Large Strips
Breathe Right Snoring Congestion Relief Nasal Strips - 30 Large Strips
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What are Breathe Right Clear Nasal Strips?

Open Your Nose - 9/10 people said that they could breathe better instantly when using Breathe Right strips.

Drug-Free - Breathe Right strips are drug-free.

Improved Sleep Quality - Breathe Right strips improve sleep quality in 90 percent of snorers. Breathe Right nasal strips open the nose, allowing more natural breathing to help reduce snoring.

Undisturbed Rest - Breathe right strips are gentle on skin, easy to remove, and comfortable to wear.

What are the causes of nasal congestion?

Colds - When you have a cold, the lining of your nasal cavities swells with excess fluid, making it difficult to breathe.

Allergies - When allergens are present, your immune system responds by releasing chemicals that create inflammation in your nose. This can cause nasal congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose.

Deviated Septum - People who suffer from a deviated septum are generally all too familiar with breathing problems. The septum is the cartilage that separates the nostrils.

How do Breathe Right Clear Nasal Strips work?

Breathe Right nasal strips are made of flexible, spring-like bands that fit right above the flare of the nostrils. A sticky adhesive is used to lift the sides of the nose and open the nasal passages, making it easier to breathe for a more restful night of sleep.

How to use Breathe Right Clear Nasal Strips

  • Before Applying - Wash and dry your nose thoroughly. Dirt, oils, moisturisers and makeup can weaken the adhesive.
  • Place - Remove the protective liner and place the strip centred along the width of your nose. The tabs on the strip should rest right at the start of the flaring part of each nostril.
  • Apply - Press and hold down the strip until the strip is secure on your nose.
  • Remove - Wash your face with warm water and start to loosen the strip from each end, gently lifting the strip off your nose

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