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Care Cystitis Relief Cranberry Flavour - 6 Sachets
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Brand: Care Model: 2652873
What are Care Cystitis Relief SachetsEffective relief from the symptoms of cystitisCare Cystitis Relief Sachets are for the relief of the symptoms of cystitis in women and are cranberry flavouredThese cranberry flavoured sachets offer an effective two-day course to relieve the symptoms of cysti..
Canesten CanesOasis Cystitis Relief - 6 Sachets Canesten CanesOasis Cystitis Relief - 6 Sachets
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Brand: Canesten Model: 3883261
What is Canesten CanesOasis Cystitis ReliefCanesOasis contains an active ingredient that reduces the acidity of your urine. This reduction of acidity level helps alleviate the stinging and pain that you experience when you urinate. CanesOasis is a two-day remedy which is quick and easy to use –..
Brand: Care Model: 1022029
What is Care Potassium Citrate MixtureCare Potassium Citrate Mixture helps to relieve the painful burning of cystitis and the symptoms of other mild urinary tract infections. Potassium Citrate Mixture provides symptomatic relief only and is not anti-bacterial.What is CystytisCystitis is a urinary tr..
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