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Brand: Braun Model: 3914710
What is Braun PRT 2000 Age Precision Digital ThermometerA handy digital thermometer featuring patented Age Precision technology – age-adjustable fever guidance takes the guesswork of interpreting a child’s temperature.Age Precision Technology - age-adjustable fever guidanceColour-coded display for e..
Careway Digital Thermometer
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Brand: Careway Model: 4094710
What Is Careway Digital ThermometerDigital Thermometer High Accuracy by Careway is designed to take temperature reading orally, axillary (under the arm) or rectally. Has built-in fever alert, a digital display and automatic switch off. Gives a quick accurate response and has a flexible tip. War..
Brand: Braun Model: 2417327
What is Braun ThermoScan Lens FiltersFitting a new Braun Hygiene cap each time ensures that dirt or ear wax doesn’t build up and clog the sensor window, which could lead to inaccurate temperature readings.Hygienic and accurate resultsHelp to avoid cross-contamination if replaced before each measurem..
Braun ThermoScan 7 IRT6520 - Ear Thermometer with Age Precision Braun ThermoScan 7 IRT6520 - Ear Thermometer with Age Precision
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Brand: Braun Model: 3914728
What is Braun ThermoScan 7 IRT6520 - Ear Thermometer with Age PrecisionThe definition of fever changes with age. Braun ThermoScan 7 features the patented Age Precision technology - an age-adjustable fever guidance that takes age into account to take the guesswork out of temperature measurement...
Brand: Braun Model: 4022596
What is Braun ThermoScan 3 IRT3030 - Ear ThermometerWith an overall compact design, the Braun ThermoScan 3 (IRT 3030) is fast, gentle, and easy to use. It takes readings in just one second and helps to interpret the temperature with its audio fever guidance feature.No.1 brand used and recommend..
Brand: Braun Model: 8021115
What is Braun BUA5000 - Exact Fit One Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure MonitorClinically proven professional accuracyBig, easy to read displaySimple, single button operationClinically proven professional accuracyUniversal cuff size (22-42cm)Stores last readingManual entry to monitor your bloo..
Brand: Braun Model: 8048977
What is Braun BST200EE - TempleSwipe Forehead ThermometerTempleSwipe Technology™Colour-coded fever guidanceFast, gentle and easy to useThese thermometers are not for clinical use in a professional environment and are for home use only. This thermometer is not designed to interpret hypothermic t..
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