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Sign Up. Save More With AYP Healthcare Did you know that you can schedule repeat deliveries for 1000s of items? No more worrying about running out of your everyday essentials or searching for the best prices on your favourite brands.


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  • Find your products

    Find your products

    Select all the items you would like automatically delivered to your home.

    There are 1000s of everyday essentials, from vitamins to nappies and wipes, which can be delivered automatically with Subscribe & Save.

  • Set your delivery schedule

    Set your delivery schedule

    Most people choose to receive an order every 30 days, but the choice is yours.

    You decide how frequently you want your orders, and we'll send them to you automatically.

  • Savings with each delivery

    Savings with each delivery

    Checkout and complete your purchase as usual.

    You'll save up to 10% off the current retail price with each recurring delivery of your Subscribe & Save items.

  • Cancel at any time

    Cancel at any time

    Signing up to Subscribe & Save is 100% commitment free, it’s as easy to start as it is to stop.

    You can cancel your delivery at any time for complete peace of mind.

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Experience unparalleled convenience with AYP Healthcare's Subscribe & Save! Committing to your health should be effortless, and with our programme, it truly is. No more remembering to reorder; we'll ensure your health essentials are consistently delivered to your door. Plus, enjoy exclusive discounts each time, making wellness more affordable. Opt for peace of mind, save money, and always have what you need on hand. AYP's Subscribe & Save is more than a service—it's a commitment to your ongoing health and well-being.

Terms & conditions

AYP Healthcare Subscribe & Save Terms & Conditions:

  1. Subscription enrolment authorises AYP Healthcare to charge the provided payment method for recurring orders automatically.
  2. Exclusive discounts apply only to subscribed items.
  3. Subscription frequency can be adjusted in account settings; changes occur from the next billing cycle.
  4. Subscribers can cancel anytime, though charges incurred before cancellation are non-refundable.
  5. AYP Healthcare reserves the right to modify or terminate the Subscribe & Save programme, offers, or terms without prior notice.
  6. The subscriber is responsible for updating payment details and shipping addresses as needed.