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Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets - Pack of 50

Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets - Pack of 50
Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets - Pack of 50
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What are Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets

A pack of 50 safe and economical, unique formula mini sterilising tablets from Milton was designed with the Milton Mini Soother Steriliser.

Why should I sterilise?

During your little one's first 12 months, their immune system is still developing, so they need extra protection from germs that may cause gastroenteritis and other nasty bugs. To do this, you need to make sure that all feeding equipment and anything that goes into your baby's mouth is sterilised.

How to use Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets

Simply pour cold water up to the fill line, add one Milton Mini Sterilising Tablet, and ensure it dissolves fully. Insert the soother teat into the hole in the top sponge, press the soother down and twist to clean the teat. Replace the watertight lid, and after 15 minutes, the soother is sterilised and ready to use straight away with no need to rinse. If the sponges have dried hard, then soften them by adding water before attempting to remove them.

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