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Colief Lactase Enzyme Infant Drops - 7ml

Colief Lactase Enzyme Infant Drops - 7ml
Colief Lactase Enzyme Infant Drops - 7ml
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What are Colief Infant Drops?

Colief Infant Drops are soothing drops that make your infant's milk easier to digest, relieving temporary lactose intolerance in young infants who have colic. They may be used at birth, additional to their milk whenever they consume, making digestion more straightforward and relieving distress brought on by indigestion. This will help to reduce colic symptoms, and various studies have revealed that the hours of yelling could be significantly diminished in babies who've been given Colief.

What is colic?

Colic is a frequent illness that infants can suffer from, and it usually means they shout a whole lot without there being a clear cause. The reason for colic is now unknown, but some think that it may be brought on by indigestion. By way of instance, some infants might be unable to completely digest the lactose in their milk for a couple of months once they're born, and this temporary lactose intolerance can lead to indigestion and cause them to feel uneasy. As babies get older, their digestive tract develops, and they are ready to break down lactose more readily, and this might indicate that the infant's colic will facilitate.

How can Colief Infant Drops assist in alleviating my child's colic?

Colief Infant Drops contain lactase enzyme because of their active ingredient. Lactase is produced by our bodies to break down lactose so that it may be appropriately consumed. This usually means that Colief drops start to break down the lactose in their milk before they drink it, helping your infant to digest their food. This may relieve their sweat, which might feel more comfortable and might ease colic as an outcome.

Can I give this item to my infant if they are taking medication?

If your infant is taking any medication, talk to your physician or an AYP Healthcare pharmacist before giving them this medicine. This can enable you to make sure you're providing them with the treatment they want.

When should I use Colief Infant Drops?

You should include Colief Infant Drops into each feed until your infant is about 3 - 4 weeks old. Now, you can start to wean off your baby from Colief. You can achieve so by halving the number of drops added to every feed, then utilising just at alternative feedings, and ultimately reducing the dose to once per day.

How to use this product with baby formula

Prepare their formulation as recommended by the producer and after that, add four drops of Colief to the warm (not hot) formula. Wait for half an hour, shaking the formulation sometimes, then check that the jar is the right feeding temperature. When it is, feed it to your baby as usual and then discard any fresh feed. It is also possible to follow these directions if you are using the ready-to-feed formulation, simply add the four drops of Colief to warm formulation and continue to follow along with the remaining instructions.

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