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Care Haemorrhoid Relief Ointment - 25g

Care Haemorrhoid Relief Ointment - 25g
Care Haemorrhoid Relief Ointment - 25g
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What is Care Haemorrhoid Relief Ointment

For the relief of haemorrhoids and external piles

Care Haemorrhoid Cream relieves the symptoms of external piles. This medicine can be used by adults, the elderly and children over 12 years. For external use only. If symptoms persist after 7 days a doctor should be consulted.

How to can treat or prevent haemorrhoids


  • Drink lots of fluid and eat plenty of fibre to keep your poo soft
  • Wipe bottom with damp toilet paper
  • Take paracetamol if piles hurt
  • Take a warm bath to ease itching and pain
  • Use an ice pack wrapped in a towel to ease discomfort
  • Gently push a pile back inside
  • Keep bottom clean and dry
  • Exercise regularly
  • Cut down on alcohol and caffeine (like tea, coffee and cola) to avoid constipation


  • Do not wipe your bottom too hard after you poo
  • Do not ignore the urge to poo
  • Do not push too hard when pooing
  • Do not take painkillers that contain codeine, because they cause constipation
  • Do not take ibuprofen if your piles are bleeding
  • Do not spend more time than you need to on the toilet

How to use Care Haemorrhoid Relief Ointment

For external use only. Wash hands before and after use. Wash the affected area with tepid water, dry and apply the ointment with your finger, gauze or lint. Re-apply the ointment as required. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Adults, elderly and children over 12 years old: apply directly to the skin using a clean finger. For external use only.

What does Care Haemorrhoid Relief Ointment contain

Lidocaine Hydrochride 0.5%

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