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Bonjela Soothing Teething Gel - 15ml

Bonjela Soothing Teething Gel - 15ml
Bonjela Soothing Teething Gel - 15ml
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What is Bonjela Soothing Teething Gel?

Bonjela Teething Gel can be used to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with teething, in children from 5 months of age, when other non-medicinal methods such as massaging of the gums or use of teething rings do not provide necessary relief.

Bonjela Teething Gel is a clear, almost colourless gel, which is applied to the inside of the mouth or gums. It contains lidocaine hydrochloride (a pain killer) which soothes sore areas in the mouth and an antiseptic called cetalkonium chloride, which kills bacteria and helps prevent infection.

How to use Bonjela Soothing Teething Gel

Apply a pea-sized blob of gel (see circle shown above) to a clean fingertip and spread gently onto the sore area of the gum.

If necessary, repeat the dose after 3 hours. Do not use more than 6 times in one day (24 hour period). Stop treatment when your child’s symptoms settle.

Do not use for more than 7 days for each teething episode. If your child’s symptoms worsen, do not improve after 7 days of treatment or you are concerned that your child is unwell, talk to a health care professional.

What does Bonjela Soothing Teething Gel contain?

The active ingredients (which make the medicine work) are lidocaine hydrochloride 0.33% w/w, cetalkonium chloride 0.01 % w/w. The other ingredients are ethanol, glycerol, hypromellose 4500, sodium cyclamate, banana flavour, and purified water.

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