Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel with Emery Board, 6g

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Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel with Emery Board, 6g
  • Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel with Emery Board, 6g

Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel with Emery Board, 6g

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Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel with Emery Board, 6g

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What is Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel?

Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel is a treatment for warts and verrucas.

Warts and verrucas are small excessive growths of skin caused by a type of virus. Warts often occur on the fingers or the back of the hands. You can recognise the common wart by the rough ‘cauliflower-like’ appearance of the surface. Verrucas occur only on the sole of the foot. They can be painful and often look like a small white ring of skin with black dots in the centre. The virus is very infectious. This means that warts and verrucas can grow and spread, mainly if left untreated. The virus can also be transferred to other parts of the body or from one person to another (see Section 6 for guidance on how this can be avoided).

Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel is suitable for use by adults, the elderly and children aged over 2 years. An adult should treat children under 12 years, and treatment of infants under 2 years is not recommended.

The active ingredient in this product is salicylic acid.

The active ingredient works by:

  • softening the hard skin growth, making it easier to remove with a pumice stone or emery board;
  • helping to kill the virus that causes warts and verrucas.

How to use Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel

Before you use this tube of gel for the first time, open it as follows:

  • Find a suitable surface, in case of accidental spillage.
  • Hold the tube upright, with the cap uppermost and the base resting on a suitable surface.
  • Unscrew and remove the combined white and red nozzle/cap assembly from the tube.
  • Remove the red collar and dispose of it safely.
  • Keep the tube upright for 30 seconds.
  • Then, without squeezing or over-gripping the tube, and with it still held upright and away from your face:
    • replace the white and red nozzle/cap assembly onto the screw thread of the tube (take care to avoid ‘cross-threading’)
    • tighten the nozzle/cap assembly firmly to pierce the top of the tube;
    • briefly loosen the red cap (to release any slight pressure in the tube) and then retighten.
  • Please note that once in place, a small gap will remain between the base of the nozzle/cap and the top of the tube.

To use the gel (adults, children and the elderly):

Follow these steps once every day, usually in the evening. Carry on using the gel in this way until the wart or verruca disappears:

  • Soak the affected area in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Dry the area thoroughly, using your own towel if you have a wart or verruca (this will help stop the infection spreading to other people). This towel should be used for the affected area only.
  • Taking care to avoid squeezing the tube, remove the protective red cap, leaving the white nozzle attached to the tube.
  • Carefully apply a thin coating (one or two drops) of the gel to the top of the wart or verruca only:
  • The next evening, carefully peel or pick off the white patch of dried gel from the wart or verruca:
  • Once every week, before applying the fresh gel, gently rub the wart or verruca with the emery board provided or a pumice stone. Do not let anyone else use the emery board or pumice stone as the infection may spread to them.
  • The length of treatment will vary depending on the size and resistance of the wart or verruca:
  • At the end of treatment, if the white patch is difficult to remove, you can leave it because it will eventually fall off by itself.

What does Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel contain?

The active ingredient is salicylic acid 26.0% w/w.

The other ingredients are camphor, povidone, pyroxylin, ethanol, acetone and isopropyl alcohol.

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Mrs S Varndell

This is the my purchase and I'm pleased to say I am totally satisfied with the professional way I was treated. I would highly recommend.

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