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Balance Activ BV - 7 Pessaries

Balance Activ BV - 7 Pessaries
Balance Activ BV - 7 Pessaries
Balance Activ BV - 7 Pessaries
Balance Activ BV - 7 Pessaries
Balance Activ BV - 7 Pessaries
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When you have an intimate condition such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), you want a product that you can trust to treat it, and one that works in harmony with your body. There's no need to use antibiotics to treat BV as this can disrupt the good bacteria. The Balance Activ range can provide clinically proven relief from the vaginal discharge, odour and discomfort. It's a naturally working alternative that works.

What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial Vaginosis, or BV, occurs when there's a change in the natural pH balance in the vagina. This then causes a change in the bacterial environment.

Healthy vaginas are slightly acidic, thanks to the presence of good bacteria called lactobacilli that produce lactic acid. However, if these are in short supply, harmful bacteria can grow and trigger occurrences of BV.

Although 'Bacterial Vaginosis' sounds scary BV is very common. More women in the UK suffer from it than any other vaginal condition. And it's twice as prevalent as thrush, even though BV is often mistaken for thrush, purely because this is better known. Because very few people have heard of BV, they typically treat symptoms as thrush. This can cause recurrences of BV and sometimes lead to thrush.

BV is normal and natural. Lots of things can cause it, but here is an idea of the most common causes:

  • Excessive Washing - Internal washing – this can upset your vagina's natural balance
  • Perfumed Soaps - Perfumed intimate hygiene products
  • Menstruation - Your monthly menstrual cycle can upset the balance
  • Semen - As the pH of semen is higher than the pH of your vagina.

When is the best time to use Balance Activ Gel or Pessaries?

Before bed – laying down will help the gel or pessary stay in place.

What are the symptoms of BV?

The symptoms of BV are quite similar to thrush, but there are a few main differences. BV symptoms usually include a watery discharge (sometimes grey in colour) and a strong unpleasant odour (often fishy). These are the two main symptoms of BV.

Can I use Balance Activ to maintain pH balance and help stop re-occurrence?

If you notice a re-occurrence of symptoms or suspect your vaginal balance isn't as it should be, you can use Balance Activ BV treatment gel to help restore normal pH and vaginal flora. This could be around key times when you have noticed a pattern of BV occurrences, e.g. around your period.

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