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Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer 3ml

Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer 3ml
Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer 3ml
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What is Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer?

Amorolfine 5% w/v is used to treat:

  • Fungal infections of the nails without the involvement of the nail root (nail matrix)
  • Fungal infections affecting up to 2 nails and affecting the upper half or sides of the nail (as shown in the first picture below). If the infection appears to be more like pictures 2 or 3; you should consult your doctor.
  • The active substance in Amorolfine 5% w/v is amorolfine (as the hydrochloride) which belongs to a group of medicines known as antifungals.
  • Amorolfine 5% w/v kills a wide variety of fungi that can cause nail infections. Fungal nail infection is likely to result in discoloured (white, yellow, or brown), thick or brittle nails, although their appearance can vary considerably.

How to use Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer

Always use this medicine exactly as your doctor or pharmacist has told you. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, Amorolfine 5% w/v is used as follows:

  • Treat your infected nails as described below. NAILS SHOULD BE TREATED ONCE A WEEK.
  • Once weekly application should continue for six months for fingernails and 9 to 12 months for toenails.
  • Nails grow slowly so it may take 2 or 3 months before you start to see an improvement.
  • It is vital to carry on using the nail lacquer until the infection has cleared and healthy nails have grown back.
  • The following steps should be followed carefully for each affected nail:

Step 1: File the nail

Using a new file, gently file down the infected areas of nail, including the nail surface. Protect any healthy nails while you are doing this so that you don't spread the infection.

CAUTION: Do not use the same nail file used for infected nails and healthy nails, as this could spread the infection as well.

To prevent the spread of infection, take care that no one else uses the files from your kit.

Step 2: Clean the nail

Use one of the swabs provided (or nail varnish remover) to clean the nail surface. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each affected nail.

Step 3: Apply the lacquer

Dip one of the re-usable applicators into the bottle of nail lacquer. The lacquer must not be wiped off the edge of the bottle before it is applied. Apply the lacquer evenly over the entire surface of the nail. Repeat this step for each affected nail.

Let the treated nail(s) dry for approximately 10 minutes.

Step 4: Clean the applicator

The applicators provided are re-usable. However, it is essential to clean them thoroughly after completing each treatment procedure, using the same swab you used for nail cleansing. Avoid touching newly treated nails with the swab. Close the nail lacquer bottle tightly. Dispose of the swab carefully as it is inflammable.

What does Amorolfine 5% w/v contain?

Amorolfine 5% w/v contains 50 mg/ml of the active substance amorolfine (equivalent to 55.74 mg/ml amorolfine hydrochloride).

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